Selection Process

The selection process for an intere​sted Financial Institution (FI) is as follows:

  1. An authorized represe​ntative from the FI conducts the Basic Registration on this website. An AfDB employee involved in the programme will revert by email or telephone based on the information provided and a user name and password will be provided.
  2. The person can now login any time to answer to a basic questionnaire. The questionnaire provides the opportunity to indicate the preferred support from AfDB, and allows AfDB to analyse whether the cooperation under the Programme may be possible. This is efficient for the financial institution and AfDB; if positive, the likelihood of concluding a positive collaboration is good. The questionnaire can be completed through repeat log-ins over time. When finished and submitted, the AfDB will revert to the Financial Institution and discuss.
  3. Once concluded positive, the AfDB will make an initial offer. ​A Mandate Letter may need to be signed. AfDB is willing to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements as well. The FI may then proceed with uploading a set of documents that will form part of AfDBs Due Diligence. The submission can be done at intervals. Once essential components of the submission have been completed, the AfDB will agree with the FI on a Due Diligence visit.
  4. The Due Diligence visit may take around 3 days.
  5. Upon completion of the Due Diligence visit the AfDB will prepare internal documentation to seek an investment (Line of Credit) for the FI.
  6. A separate Technical Assistance review will also be undertaken, and may be combined with the Due Diligence visit.
  7. Once completed and approved, a legal agreement will be drawn up and agreed upon, and collaboration commences through disbursements and technical assistance visits. AfDB has a dedicated legal agreement for this Program, facilitating a faster discussion and conclusion, as well as technical assistance teams on stand-by for quick deployment. ​​