FAPA is the key donor to the Africa SME Program. The FAPA Fund was launched by the Government of Japan and the AfDB in 2005. FAPA was the initial grant donor and the AfDB managed the Fund. It transformed into a multilateral Trust Fund in October 2010 with the entrance of Austria, followed by a contribution by AfDB. The purpose of the Fund is to support private sector development in Africa in line with the private sector development strategy (2013) of the AfDB.

The FAPA Fund has provided a grant to support the Capacity Building of FIs and in selected cases SME clients of these FIs. This grant forms a key part of the Programme and addresses the technical gaps at FI and SME level that hinder an efficient market exchange between FIs and SMEs. The Technical Assistance seeks to help the Financial Institution to build the necessary capacity, where needed, and assist the FI to offer relevant products and to have the right processes in place to assess applications and monitor the portfolio.

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Other grant partnerships are under discussion.

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