The Frankfurt School of Management & Finance

The AfDB has gone through an elaborate selection process involving a range of institutions with expertise in building capacity of financial institutions. The Frankfurt School of Management & Finance – Bank Academy ultimately won the bidding process, and has been selected as the implementing agency for the technical assistance component of the SME Program. The Frankfurt School has in-depth experience and expertise in working closely together with financial institutions in a wide range of technical areas, whether related to SME lending, risk management, credit assessment tools, portfolio management, loan recovery and workouts, product development, management information systems, IT infrastructure, governance, HR, treasury and the like.

Frankfurt School is the leading bank training and consultancy institute in Germany with a track record of over 50 years' experience in all areas of banking and finance. Frankfurt School's International Advisory Services (IAS) department has provided Technical Assistance and training to financial institutions for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in SME Finance and in the delivery of customised training programmes for banks, MFIs and bank training institutions. Since 2008 Frankfurt School has a regional office based in Nairobi.
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Financial Institutions receiving support under the SME Programme are encouraged (but not obliged) to use the services of Frankfurt School of Management. The initial assessments are fully funded through the FAPA grant. The implementation of the technical assistance, once agreed upon, is largely funded through the FAPA grant, but financial institutions are expected to make a co-payment to demonstrate the value they attach to the assistance.

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